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We now offer interior infrared scans with our inspections!  Although not required by the state of Florida or NACHI, this tool is a good addition and helps up perform a better inspection.  Sensing and pointing out differences in surface temperature, infrared can dramatically indicate defects such as water leaks or insulation irregularities-which cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Here are two examples of the advantages of thermal technology:

The image below, taken on our very first infrared inspection, indicates an issue.
Upon further investigation in the attic, we found no blown insulation in this corner.
This can result in hundreds of dollars of wasted energy costs over the life of the home.

infrared thermography image

The following two images indicate a water leak.  (The darker areas are the areas where we found water.)  The left image is the base of the air handler, which had a clogged condensation drain line, located on the second floor.  The image to the right is the ceiling directly below, indicating an area of approximately 30 square feet of water intrusion.  These issues would not have been detected with a visual inspection alone, and left undetected could cost thousands of dollars to repair. 
Further verification was achieved with a moisture meter (which uses a completely different technology).  We have yet to have both technologies indicate a leak and none was discovered afterward.

infrared thermography imageinfrared thermography image

 Also, consider our HOMEWATCH PROGRAM!
 While you’re away, who better to watch your home than a NACHI-certified home inspector? 


Hurricane preparation*
       Post-hurricane inspection*       
Check all doors, windows & entryways
Clear debris   
       Check for visible mildew, mold, or leaks         
Grounds inspection
Weekly, bi-Weekly, or monthly visits         
Monthly email updates with pictures of your home.*
Secure home for season or vacation          
Monitor temperature controls
Clear newspapers and fliers from property         
Collect or forward mail
Check security system         
Start and run car
        Monitor lighting         
Provide access for and monitor landscapers, pool service, pest control, etc. *

(* additonal fee required)