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EXPERIENCE!  We have performed thousands of inspections throughout northwest Florida for over 20 years.

We specialize in properties in South Walton county and Destin, FL.  We are nearby, can respond quickly to areas along Highway 98 and 30A.  We have access (passes, gate codes, etc. on file) and an extensive database of issues specific to certain properties in the area.

Computer-generated onsite report production - Client copies of reports can be available immediately after inspection is completed in pdf format, if the client is present.  If they cannot attend the inspection, the report will be emailed to them same business day.

We perform Infrared (thermal) imaging scans at no extra charge, Wind Mitigation, and 4-Point inspections.

We have a Supra key, and use Docusign-which decreases turnaround times and allows you to use your time more efficiently.

We are state-licensed, insured, certified, and you have no referral liability.

Fast response - Appointments can usually be made within 48 hours.

We are NACHI certified, and our home inspection report adheres to and exceeds guidelines and code of ethics set forth by


Our home inspection report covers the following areas:
Grounds - Exterior - Garage - Roof - Electrical - Plumbing - HVAC – Foundation - Attic 
Kitchen - Stairs/Hallways – Bedrooms/Bathrooms/Living Areas- Infrared/Thermal Scan 

In addition…

We are a member in good standing of the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI)-verifiable at

We have invested thousands of dollars in specialized equipment-infrared cameras, combustible gas leak detectors, circuit testers, moisture meters, etc. Although we use some complex tools and technologies, we generate easy-to-read inspection reports and summaries for our clients.  

Our Qualifications  

Initial training was completed in 1999 through “A Better School of Home Inspection”, in Salt Lake City, Utah.  We are certified through NACHI and must complete continuing education requirements annually.  As a member in good standing, we fulfill these requirements. We also adhere to the Standards of Practice  and the Code of Ethics     As helpful as continuing education is, we believe it is most effective when coupled with “real world” professional experience in the field and familiarity with specific local conditions.  

Our Promise To You
We promise to provide a professional, unbiased home inspection report to you (same day). We understand that our client reserves the right to control the flow of information.  Unless you specify otherwise, we also promise to provide inspection results only to you and your agent.


"I am writing this letter to you in deep gratitude for the professional service you provided which saved me many
hundreds of thousands of dollars. During the course of your home inspection on a house I was attempting to
purchase, you discovered a misrepresentation in the seller disclosure and MLS listing that changed the value of
the home by at least $600,000....Had it not been for your honesty I may have been in court for years trying to recover what easily could have amounted to over $1 million..I wish you all the luck and success that you deserve. Never hesitate to refer anyone to me if you need a recommendation."     Jack D.   Baton Rouge, LA     4/23/2013

"Your attention to detail, prompt responses, and flexibility were much appreciated!"  Laurie and Mark L.  The Woodlands, TX     7/12/2009

"Thank you for completing our home inspection with such short notice.  Your report was thorough, clear, and easy to understand.  We appreciated the photos and recommedations."  John and Lara F.  Dover, Delaware     6/16/2007

"I've had a few home inspections throughout the years-some good, some bad.  Blair did a great job.  He was prompt, thorough, and skilled at providing the information I needed, and sparing me the rest.  In a word-integrity."     John C.  Atlanta, GA     5/2/2005

"Blair, thank you so much for doing such a great job for us.  As this was our first home purchase, we were more than a little apprehensive... even a little skeptical.  You put our mind at ease immediately by taking your time, answering our questions, and your report was very professional.  Thanks again!"     David G.     Grayton Beach, FL     3/6/2003

"Very impressive, Blair!  Great looking report, and good job including photos of problems.  Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words."     Roger D.     Sandestin, FL     5/17/2001

"Wow!  Finished the inspection, and handed us the report on the spot!  We thought we'd have to wait a day or two, at least.  Nice!"     Stacey F.     Seaside, FL     3/15/1999